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COVID-19 UPDATE 24/06/2020
Each unit is several meters away from the next, with each having their own outside space. One person at a time is allowed in the toilet/shower, the only exception is parent and child. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Hand sanitizers have been put on the outside of the toilet doors & must be used on entering and exciting the block. There will also be antibacterial sprays in the cubicles, these are to be used by yourselves. We will deep clean the toilets in the morning, throughout the day, and when possible, in the evening. The showers will have a schedule of use. All cleaning will be done in line with the government COVID-19 Guidelines. To help us protect our staff, we would expect guests to double bag waste and remove them from the unit, bins will be provided. We will supply a black bag for used bedding at the end of your stay.
A Low deposit of just 20% to secure your booking. Balance not due until 10 days before your holiday, in case of late changes to Coronavirus guidance. Complete flexibility to move bookings for up to 18 months in the event of Coronavirus restrictions. Due to low deposit and late balance payment, no refunds are offered.

This page remains under constant review, due to the rapidly changing circumstances, please check back regularly for any updates.

Currently the site is home to two hut sites, each site has five huts; 4 of which accommodate up to 5 people. The 5th hut is the wash hut. The huts are fully equipped and a linen service is provided. Each hut has outside dining furniture and its own fire pit for cooking (cooking equipment & a starter pack of logs/kindling is provided). A gas hob is fitted for convenience, as well as a sink with cold running water. Hampers of fine local produce can be arranged for your arrival. These are bespoke and need discussing fairly well in advance.

As shown in the gallery, the hut is quickly and easily changed between its day and night functions. The day bed at one end easily converts to become bunk beds, and the dining table at the other end folds down to make a double bed.

To keep the environmental impact of the accommodation to a minimum the huts are not connected to a mains electric supply. Electric lighting is provided by means of a solar panel on the roof offering an easy and safe means of lighting. Each hut has a gas heater for when the weather isn’t kind!

An additional hut provides washing facilities. It houses two loos with basins and two showers. Each have both a hot and a cold water supply. 

What’s on board:

The huts are fully equipped with cooking equipment, there are tumblers, wine glasses and mugs tea and coffee pots, cutlery and enamelware crockery, sauce pan, milk pan, frying pan and cast iron outside cooking equipment. This is specifically designed for cooking on the open fire.


There are a few tea bags and some coffee and sugar on board as well as a j cloth, tea towel and washing up liquid. There is loo roll and hand soap in the wash hut. 

Bed linen:

All cleaning will be done in line with the government COVID-19 Guidelines. To help us protect our staff, we will supply a black bag for used bedding and kindly ask you to place used linen into this bag at the end of your stay.

Linen provided includes 2 pillows per person in cases and a duvet in a case as well as a fitted sheet for each bed. We do not provide towels.

Please note that vehicles are not permitted on the site. You leave your car in an area of hard standing and walk across the field to the huts. During the winter we tend to move the huts onto higher ground, as the river often floods, this site has better access and works well in the winter months. The huts are sited a little closer together so no one has to walk very far to the loo!!

Top things to bring:

A torch, towels, marshmallows, a lighter, car phone charger and some wellies!!

Check In

Check in is after 4pm, check out by 10am this can be flexible depending on availability either side of your stay.

Nick’s father lives in the farmhouse, we live about a mile away in the next village, so you do need to give us a good idea of arrival times as I often need to scoop the children and dogs into the car and come and meet you. I will send a map and directions pack with your booking. Please bring these with you. Our postcode is two miles long, and some satnavs (Particularly Google Maps) will dump you at the wrong end which is about a 4 mile drive round for you, and very frustrating!!! Especially when you have just told your children you’re nearly there!!!!